Avoid bosses called John or Anne


A British poll indicated that employees believe that bosses with the name John or Anne are the worst to work for.

An online poll of 4,000 workers saw more complaints about people by those names than any other.

Male bosses named Steve, Paul, Alan and Chris are also to be avoided, while the worst-behaved female managers tended to be Catherines, Debbies, Lindas and Janes.

Among stories of bad behaviour reported to the website http://www.YouThinkYourBossIsBad.co.uk, are some which would make The Devil Wears Prada magazine editor Miranda Priestly appear low-maintenance.

One manager asked an employee to organise his mother-in-law’s funeral, while another requested a single, peeled orange to be delivered to her desk at the same time each day.

One asked an employee to provide him with the alibi of a business event so he could enjoy a dirty weekend with a colleague, and another called her PA in the UK from a hotel room in the US to ask her to book a table at her hotel restaurant.

One boss dictated an important letter to his secretary while urinating in an office toilet and another asked an employee to research colonic irrigation as a possible present for his wife.

The lists:
1. John
2. Steve
3. Paul
4. Alan
5. Chris
Followed by: David, ,Mike, Simon, Barry, Andrew

1. Anne / Ann
2. Catherine
3. Debbie
4. Linda / Lynda
5. Jane / Jayne
Followed by: Liz, Fiona, Andrea, Pam, Michelle

For the full lists:

~ by tallhorsewines on February 2, 2009.

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