Fun and different wine party ideas


Don’t you think that having an intimate dinner with good friends, great wine and a little tasting competition sounds like a fabulous idea. Here is a few tips.

The Party Goddess has some ideas to show you how to have a blast and actually learn something in the process.

Fun tips include:

  • Mix it up – Feature a bunch of different wines in all kinds of price categories from SUPER cheap to crazy expensive. See if your guests really can tell the difference. Make SURE to disguise the labels.
  • Be tricky – Pick four to six wines to serve from inexpensive to high end and hide the bottles (in a sock, wine sleeve, whatever). This time though, just put the Rand amount and the type of wine on the tag (ie – chardonnay , R120/bottle). Then ask your guests to describe why they think that wine is more expensive than the other wine labeled “chardonnay R40.” The TRICK is that you’ve really mixed up the wines. The most expensive are really the cheapest and vice versa. SO FUN!
  • Create a wine IQ test – Pick four kinds of wines, all different: a shiraz, merlot, cabernet, syrah and cover the bottles. Then see if the guests can actually tell you which one is the shiraz and which is the merlot – you’ll be surprised!
  • Make it a pot luck – The hostess cooks the dinner (and tells everyone what she’s serving) and then the guests have to bring their favorite wine that they think will go with the dinner. At the end of the night, guests get to decide which they actually think tasted the best with the meal and why.
  • Discuss the defaults – We all have defaults in life – that one go-to gift we always bring in a pinch, the batch of cookies we make when we can’t think of anything else. Have your guests bring (or just tell everyone) what their “default” bottle of wine is and why. The stories will make the dinner!

~ by tallhorsewines on April 1, 2009.

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