Weird new celebrity names

megan fox

Pretty weird can be the formed if certain celebrities get hitched. Names like Megan Fox Hunt and Yoko Ono Bono are just few. Here are a few weird celebrity new names:

Can you add a few?

If Megan Fox married William Hunt she’d be Megan Fox Hunt

If Queen Latifa married Larry King she’d be Queen King
If Bo Derek be called if she married Don Ho, he’d be Bo Ho

If Yoko Ono married Sonny Bono, she’d be Yoko Ono Bono.

If Toni Braxton married Michael Jackson she’d be Toni Braxton Jackson
If Dolly Parton married Salvador Dali, she’d be Dolly Dali.

If Ella Fitzgerald married Darth Vader, she’d be Ella Vader.

If Oprah Winfrey married Depak Chopra, she’d be Oprah Chopra.

If Cat Stevens married Snoop Doggy Dogg, he’d be Cat Doggy Dogg.

If Olivia Newton-John married Wayne Newton, then divorced him to marry Elton John, she’d be Olivia Newton-John Newton John.

If Sondra Locke married Elliott Ness, then divorced him to marry Herman Munster, she’d become Sondra Locke Ness Munster.

If Bea Arthur married Sting, she’d be Bea Sting.

If Whoopie Goldberg married Peter Cushing, she’d be Whoopie Cushing
If Snoop Doggy Dogg married Winnie the Pooh, he’d be Snoop Doggy Dogg Pooh

Do you know of a few more funny potential celebrity married names?



~ by tallhorsewines on July 14, 2009.

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