Can women ever have too many shoes?

manolo-blahnik- sex and city

Even though all women are affected with MCD – Manolo Compulsive Disorder – most don’t take things to Imelda Marcos extremes. But who’s to say that, with the resources, time and shelf space, they wouldn’t?

According to a 2005 study, British women possess £637 million (R8 billion) worth of high heels that they have never worn. ‘A woman’s predilection towards buying shoes is only occasionally a practical one,’ explains Sue Constable, a shoe heritage officer at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, which holds a collection of more than 12,000 pairs. And if you’ve ever dispatched half your pay cheque on a pair of yellow neon mules with vertiginous heels, you will know exactly what she means.

But don’t worry: ‘Buying shoes fulfils another need,’ continues Constable. ‘The need to escape, to fantasize; the Cinderella factor.’ In other words, it’s enough to feel that those heels could whisk you safely down a red carpet, even if they’re more likely to end up sitting in their box.

‘For every practical purchase there is an aspirational purchase, and that is enormously beneficial for mental health and well-being,’ says Cary Cooper, a professor of psychology and health at the University of Lancaster. So, before your partner throws up his smelly trainers in protest, let him in on the cure for your addiction – increased cupboard space.



~ by tallhorsewines on July 27, 2009.

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