Green Peppers – You love it or you hate it


A chef once said that there are two kinds of people. Those you love green peppers and those who hate it.

Some argue that bell peppers are the ingredient that completes some recipes and is a very versatile ingredient. Others argue that this is a bombastic ingredient that overshadows all the other ingredients and they just plainly hate it.

In wines, the aroma of green peppers — characteristic of some Cabernet wines — is considered aggressive, something to be kept strictly under control.

The vegetable has its defenders, who say that the green pepper family is tasty, diverse and versatile. A Chef, who is a green pepper fan, indicated that green peppers have a concentrated grassy flavour that’s close to asparagus, and with their lightly astringent skin, peppers make perfect sides for rich steak, pork, sausages and grilled fish. They can be slow-grilled or roasted to bring out the silky weight of the flesh. “The Turks could not live without green peppers.

In “Chez Panisse Vegetables” (William Morrow, 1996), Alice Walter calls the green ones “bitter” and “a mistake.”

Even Amanda Cohen, a chef so enamored of vegetables that she thinks of them as “dirt candy,” the name she gave her East Village restaurant, has never served a green pepper since opening last year. “As a vegetarian, you get served a lot of stuffed green peppers at dinner parties,” she said. “It’s taking me a long time to recover from those, but I’m working on it.”

I’m definitely not a fan of green peppers but in some cases it can be OK…that’s just my call. What do you think?

Source: nytimes


~ by tallhorsewines on September 1, 2009.

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