Chappie wrapper wine facts


Wine has different dimensions and fascinating facts. In the old days Chappie Bubblegum wrappers used to have useless by interesting facts. Here are some wine facts that can make the Chappie wrapper’s list.

The word Alcohol is derived from the Arabic language (al kohl or alkuhl). Consider the fact that a large proportion of the Arabic population is forbidden from consuming alcohol for religious reasons.

Most wines do not improve with age.

Although red wine can only be produced from red grapes, white wine can be produced from both red and white grapes.

Need to set your food or drink on fire ? The way to do it is to preheat the vessel holding the alcohol, as well as a portion of the alcohol itself. Certain alcoholic beverages are exempt of this rule however and are readily combustible (i.e Sambouka).

What is proof ? It is alcohol content in half the proportion of the proof degree specified. A 200% proof vodka would taste as alcohol, as its alcoholic content would be 100% (doh). However no such content has been yet recorded on commercial products. In the early days of alcohol trading, whiskey was mixed with gunpowder in order to determine if the alcohol content was high enough to set the gunpowder aflame. (It is inadvisable to attempt to test this fact, consequences could be dire).

Try to pronounce this correctly : brandewijn. It is the original word for Brandy (Dutch in Origin).

The wreck of the TITANIC, holds the oldest wine cellar in the world and despite the depth and wreckage, the bottles are still intact.



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