South African travelers fear lost of luggage more than swine flu

Lost Luggage1

More than 50% of South African travelers would rather deal with the possibility of contracting swine flu than run the risk of losing their luggage.

These are the findings of an online survey conducted by Cape Town-based, the online travel booking service. Only 5% of travelers polled thought contracting swine flu the biggest fear when traveling.

In 2007 about 40 million items of luggage were reported lost globally.  This figure decreased to 32 million in 2008.

In South Africa around 10 000 personal items were reported lost or stolen in 2008, and this does not include damaged and stolen luggage. Few passengers seem to know that if their luggage is lost, damaged or merely delayed for more than four hours, they are entitled to compensation

Airlines offer compensation in the region of 20 USD per kilogram for lost or delayed luggage. Although this amount is the industry standard, some airlines compensate well above this rate – an example of this is Air Botswana that compensates at a rate of 42USD per kilogram.

Swine flu has accounted for 5558 known deaths globally and 91 deaths in South Africa but South Africans are definitely more scared of losing luggage.

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