The not-so-famous nicknames of the famous

Some celebrities have nicknames which are not so well known to the public.  Some of these nicknames come from their lives before they hit the big time and others names come from their co-actors (colleague

So next time when you bump into Robert De Niro , call him Bobby or when you talk to Miriah call her Mimi.

Here is a list of a few genuine celebrity nicknames.

Robert De Niro – Bobby

Courtney Cox – CeCe

Mariah Carey – Mimi

James Caan – Jimmy

Madonna-  Madge ( short for Your Majesty)

Rene Zellwiger – Zelly

Kelly Clarkson – Kellbelle

Martin Scorsese – Marty

Keanu Reeves – The Wall



~ by tallhorsewines on December 22, 2009.

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