Merlot not moved by Sideways

It seems that wine consumers were not influenced by the negative connotations of Merlot in the movie Sideways.

In this 2004 movie,  Miles the wine snob,  speaks disparagingly about the wine. Miles preferred pinot noir, and there were reports that merlot sales fell and pinot noir sales rose in the wake of the movie.

This was not the case as Nielson survey , initiated by an Californian Winery , came to the conclusions.

• Nearly 45 percent of those surveyed never saw the movie, and 95 percent of those who did say it had no effect on their attitude toward merlot.

• More than half of U.S. merlot drinkers are consuming more merlot than they did before the film.

Another survey firm, the Wine Council, says merlot these days is the third most popular wine among American drinkers, making up 11 percent of sales, trailing cabernet sauvignon at 12 percent and chardonnay at 22 percent.

It seems that Merlot is still one of the America’s (and the world’s) favourite wine styles.

Speaking of Merlot. You must try the Tall Horse Merlot .

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~ by tallhorsewines on May 13, 2010.

One Response to “Merlot not moved by Sideways”

  1. Wine preferance is a very personal thing…I do not believe for one minute that a person’s taste for a specific wine can change overnight! Seasons may affect thier selection but I doubt a movie would…just my opinion!

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