Red wine on the rocks?

Adding ice to a red wine has horrified some people who believe that red wine must be served at room temperature. They’re right about the room temperature bit, but it was the room temperature of Europe in the 19th century before, heaters, air cons etc.

With summer temperatures going well in to the thirty degrees (30+°C), room temperature can be way above the old norm.

So, I believe that you can enjoy wine the way you like it and some wine critics in the US  has also indicated that adding ice to wine is not a complete no-no.

So cheers to enjoying your wine in your style.


~ by tallhorsewines on October 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Red wine on the rocks?”

  1. MY POINT EXACTLY. If you enjoy it, ice it. There is nothing worse than drinking a good red at Africa’s summer room temperature. C’mon guys stop being snobs.

  2. The Americans does everything with ice……
    Like a super size drink…???? 3/4 full of ice and 1/4 drink…. and they think it is a bargen….
    BUT.. then they know “nuting” about Room Temprature…..!!!!!!!!

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