New Japanese robot is the tasting king

A new Japanese robot has the ability to taste wine, cheese and basically everything and give a comment.   

This robot uses a an infrared spectrometer. When objects are placed up against the sensor, the robot fires off a beam of infrared light. The reflected light is then analyzed in real time to determine the object’s chemical composition.

All foods have a unique fingerprint and the robot uses that data to identify what it is inspecting right there on the spot.

When it has identified a wine, the robot speaks up in a childlike voice. It names the brand and adds a comment or two on the taste, such as whether it is a buttery chardonnay or a full-bodied shiraz, and what kind of foods might go well on the side.

Who knows maybe in future this robot can be on the panel of judges for wine competitions. His name can be Robo Snob or John ‘Robo’ Platter .



~ by tallhorsewines on November 10, 2010.

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