Wine intro -The main differences between red and white wine (apart from the obvious)

Most people have tried various red wines and white wines and they still have no idea what differentiates both. If you have no clue, then this article will give you the factors to look for; apart from the colour which is obvious. Red and white wines can either be dry or sweet or anywhere in between.

The red wine is more robust, more complex than white wines. White wines are generally lighter without the complexity of reds. Though the grapes used do matter, but the main difference is in the fermentation process. Red wines are mostly made from red and black grapes, and white wines from green grapes. Sometimes red, black and black grapes are combined.

During the fermentation process for white wine, the stems, seeds and grape skin are gently removed from the grape juice after it has been squeezed from the pressing machine. On the other hand, during fermentation process for red wines the grape stems,seeds and grape skins are left in the squeezed juice. By leaving the stems,seeds and grape skins in the juice it produces tannins and pigments and are the ingredients that is also responsible for the complexity of red wines.

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  1. Great article, and it reminds me of that joke about the black horse and the white horse…

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