Arbor Week

Arbor Day originated in 1872 when Mr J. Sterling Morton, upon visiting the treeless plains of Nebraska advocated the benefits and beauty of trees and the importance of planting more.  Morton’s home, Arbor Lodge was a testament to his love for trees and this is where the name of the holiday came from! He persuaded the local agricultural board to set aside a day for planting trees on this day…

Arbor Day was first celebrated in South Africa in 1983, the event capturing the imagination of people who saw that there was a need to raise awareness of the value of trees in our beautiful country. In 1999 the national government extended the celebration of Arbor Day to National Arbor Week.

Join in as schools, businesses and organizations participate in “greening” their local environments as they plant trees to increase the beauty of our environment as well as propose a green future for South Africa.

To help increase public awareness of the 2,000 indigenous tree species in South Africa, every Arbor Week highlights certain Tree’s. One of the Trees of this year’s Arbor Week is the Water Berry or Waterbessie tree (Syzygium cordatum).

To read more about this Tree go here:


~ by tallhorsewines on September 3, 2012.

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