Straight From The Horse’s Mouth!

They say a glass of wine should be served just below room temperature. Is this in winter or summer? And what country? They say you should decant it to allow it to breathe. Come now, we all know wine doesn’t breathe.

They also say in order to properly taste wine, you need to swirl, smell, sip, swish and then spit. What’s that even all about?

We say, get off your high horse sommeliers and just sommer swallow, that’s the way to taste wine! Because Tall Horse has always been an easy drinking wine. Life’s too short to wait for wine to age. It’s all about twisting off the cap (who has proper cork screw in their home nowadays) and drinking the wine, when you want to.

You can bear the following Tall Horse Tips in mind (or you can just open a bottle right now):

1. Shiraz likes roast chicken and Chardonnay loves a good steak just as much as you.  Don’t think you can’t have a red with your Sunday roast or a white wine with the braai.

2. You can decant Tall Horse, but whatever you do don’t spill. Every drop counts.

3. If your wine is warm, add ice, you can even chill your wine by laying it in the fridge for ½ hour.

4. The longer wine spends in barrels, the longer you have to wait to drink it.

5. You can drink Tall Horse anywhere, with anyone.

6. Grapes are grapes are grapes. Some are red and some are white.

7. And finally, there is no such thing as the wine police. Enjoy every sip of Tall Horse as if it’s your last.

“Drink what you enjoy, when you enjoy it – the Tall Horse way!!”



~ by tallhorsewines on October 8, 2012.

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