Give Peas a Chance!



These greens help to steady blood sugar levels and are one of the richest food source of vitamin B1. Whether you prefer yours frozen, mushy or fresh, here are some recipes to try:

1. Spaghetti with Lemon, Parmesan and Peas:

Cook around 140g of spaghetti and for the last 2-3 minutes of cooking add 100g of frozen peas.  Heat 2 teaspoons of olive oil in a pan and gently fry 1 small finely chopped onion until soft. Stir in 100g cream cheese with chives and warm it through adding 3 tablespoons of the pasts water to thin it down. Now stir in the zest of 1 lemon and 2 tablespoons of Parmesan. Drain spaghetti and peas well then return to pan and gently stir in the sauce. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with Parmesan and parsley.

2. Minty Mushy Peas:

Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a pan, add 1 bunch of chopped spring onions, a handful of fresh mint and 500g of frozen peas. Cover for a few minutes and leave to steam. Mash with a potato masher or in a food processor until smooth. Add 2 knobs of butter and season to taste. 

3. Pea and Ham Soup:

Heat 50g of butter in a large pot and fry 2 finely diced onions for 2 minutes. Add in 3 cloves of sliced garlic, 2 teaspoons of thyme leaves, 1 teaspoon of chilli flakes and 1 teaspoon of oregano. Stir for 2 minutes. Add 1 smoked ham hock and 300g of split peas with 2 litres of chicken stock and bring to the boil. Turn down the heat to low and let the soup simmer for 90 minutes. Take the hock out of the pot and shred the meat. Place 1 cup of frozen peas into the soup for 5 minutes and then blend until smooth. Add the shredded ham before serving. Hmmmm…delicious! 



~ by tallhorsewines on March 5, 2013.

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